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Tony Gentile

After my back pain came back, Functional Effect was able to get me on my feet again. Always a great place to workout with no judgement! Thanks FE team!

Shaily Escamilla

Dr. Tyler Reynolds is a body magician! We regularly see him and are very pleased with his diligent care, knowledge base and overall quality of service. He strives to be available and accommodate our hectic schedule as well. Couldn’t recommend him enough.

Clem Johnson

Tyler has put together an absolutely phenomenal team, and the holistic and tailored approach towards helping his clients/members meet their goals truly stands apart. Despite my incredibly fluid and demanding work/life schedule (travel requirements for work unexpectedly exploded right after I began the program), the team has been simultaneously adaptable, patient, and yet appropriately encouraging to help design and implement a program that will get results. Super positive, clean, professional, and motivational environment – can’t say enough good things about the FE ecosystem and experience thus far. 👍🏼👍🏼

Adrian Cano

YOU need to experience the Functional Effect. Your complete transformation doesn’t stop at fitness and rehab. You’ll leave there a better person physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally! You’ll be surrounded by the best coaches in the fitness industry and a community of encouraging members that you’ll know by first name by the time you walk out the door on your first visit. The gym goes by FE, and not just for Functional Effect but as I know it… Family Effect(Home).

Scott Bowman

This gym is a diamond in the rough. I am so thankful I found Functional Effect. The instructors are awesome. They care and are deeply involved in every session. There is a clear advantage to working with their coaches. I feel better, I look better, I’m always looking forward to my next workout, etc. This place has made an impact on me, my wife and my 13 year old son as we all attend individualized session just for us.

Jordan Samuels

Functional Effect is something special. I’ve been to other gyms and worked with other trainers at several places, and I can honestly say FE is a level above them. I am 50 and just tested for my black belt, and the structured workouts I did with FE were essential to this being a success for me. Andrew, Ashley, and Jodie worked with me and really helped me focus on good quality of motion. My core strength has never been better. The gym has a great energy and I look forward to showing up.

Drew Penwitt
I’ve been going to Functional Effect for about a year now and could not be happier with my experience. Great atmosphere and great people. Dr. Tyler is very knowledgeable and makes his clients feel heard and comfortable. Highly recommended!
Mandy Tanti
You will get a lot of attention, and compassion from everyone.


The fitness assistance, direction, and training I receive from Functional Effects is always evolving, adapting, and working specifically towards my needs. I cannot ask anymore from the crew at FE. I rely on them for guidance, and training, whether for basic fitness or for intense training such as preparing for a Triathlon. The staff is friendly and attentive, and it’s a great environment to be in all the time. FE is for everybody. When I first started over 2 years ago, I was far from being fit, but I was never intimated by their programs. I cannot encourage people enough to join FE. You will get a lot of attention, and compassion from everyone.


I always rely on Dr. Reynolds to help me with health related questions from aches and pains, to nutrition. He takes a holistic approach to health and it’s great to work with someone who is incredibly knowledgeable about the body, health, and well-being. Even better his services are so well priced and I always feel I get more than what I pay for.

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Reese Berry

I’ve been at FE for awhile, but not totally committed to their program. Take too many days off or go absent for a couple weeks. Life gets in the way, right? Well their coaches were always positive and kept me motivated when I was there. Great group of people who work and workout here too. It’s a hidden gem! The last 5-6 months I’ve been more consistent and I’m doing things now, that I couldn’t do in my teens and twenties. I’ve committed to the program, been consistent and seeing incredible results. Highly recommend this place. One stop shop. Thank me later.

Eric Williams
Reached my fitness goals!

Functional Effect Fitness & Rehabilitation is a well-educated group of fitness specialists that truly understand human anatomy and physiology of the body. With this knowledge they are able to help you reach your fitness goals in a faster and safer way. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

Brooke Kelly

Do not pass this place up! It’s not a gym, it’s a community. They provide personalized fitness programs asked on your goals, and offer challenging/fun/fresh group workouts every week.

Lisa Roach

Dr. Tyler is the greatest! He will always tell you the truth and assist in anyway he can.

Aimee Ullmann
Very educated and friendly staff. I was learning my “A” day program and Coach Willie took his time explaining what the exercises were doing for my body. I got immediate feedback and felt confident I could complete the rounds with proper form.
Sallie Wolf
Personalized workout programs accommodate my needs and limitations. A very friendly, welcoming gym. I’ve been working out by Zoom for the last 2+ year and my coach really cares about my progress and checks in when he thinks I might be falling off the wagon.
Mary Lohmar

Great workout today with Willie ! He helps me to work hard and get the results I’m looking for.