Meet The Team!!!

Sarah Fischer-Reynolds CSCS, Pn1

Co-Founder, Wellness and Lifestyle Coach


Coach, fitness expert, nutrition aficionado, and Co-founder of Functional Effect Fitness and Rehabilitation, Sarah Fischer-Reynolds is passionate about helping people live healthier, more fulfilling lives.  Believing that everyone has an inner athlete, Sarah empowers her clients to take an active role in their fitness journey while helping them overcome the mental and physical hurdles that may arise along the way.

Experiencing her own weight loss journey and transformation both inside and out has helped Sarah successfully coach many clients whom have tried and failed in the past to achieve a personal fitness goal. Whether that goal is to feel better, to look better or to achieve specific performance goals, Sarah takes great pride in creating programming which brings out the best in her clients. Through education, accountability and unrivaled dedication to her clients’ success, they often experience life-changing results.

Starting out as a Group Fitness Instructor while attending Western Illinois University and earning her degree in Psychology, Sarah has spent the last 12 years in the fitness industry. After earning her degree Sarah became certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association as well as a Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition. Aside from training and nutrition, some of her favorite things include a good belly laugh, red wine, dark chocolate and her husband and Co-founder, Tyler Reynolds.

Dr. Tyler Reynolds

Co-Founder, Rehabilitation Specialist


Co-founder of Functional Effect Fitness Tyler Reynolds has always had a strong desire to help others achieve optimal health. His father a pharmacist, Tyler witnessed firsthand the volume of medication being prescribed for conditions which he knew could be positively impacted by living a healthier lifestyle. He wanted to be part of the movement to help educate people how avoid that path and so Tyler decided to pursue a career as a Chiropractor after earning his degree in Exercise Sport Science and Nutrition from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.

In addition to attaining his Doctorate of Chiropractic from National University of Health and Sciences, Tyler has completed over 250+ hours of post-graduate studies in Functional Rehabilitation with a specialty in shoulder dysfunction as well as being certified in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment.  Dr. Reynolds is a highly sought after practitioner and coach of throwing athletes. Working with youth to collegiate athletes, Dr. Reynolds brings a holistic approach to his treatment and training.

Becoming a Chiropractor gave Tyler the opportunity to blend together medicine with fitness to create an environment where his patients can achieve better overall health while attaining their fitness goals. Along with custom tailoring treatment plans for his patients, he integrates a multitude of disciplines; chiropractic, oriental medicine, corrective exercise, sports nutrition, and strength and conditioning, and is constantly learning new techniques to enhance his patient’s experience.Dr. Reynolds’ philosophy is “Movement is Medicine”, once an individual stops moving, fluids stop moving, stagnate fluids equates to dysfunction. Movement is Life!

Andrew Kouba CSCS, FMS1

Head of Program Design, Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach Andrew Kouba wants to help his clients be able to live healthier, more active lifestyles. He believes there is no greater reward than to help a client take control of their life, reach their goal, and then go beyond it. To help guide a client to do what they thought impossible and improve their life, that is why Andrew became a Fitness Professional.

Diagnosed with Asthma at a young age, Andrew has always tried to push past limitations expected for his physical ability. He uses this ambition to help empower his clients on their fitness journey. Andrew’s passion for his clients’ success shows in carefully creating programs and educating clients about all aspects of fitness.

Starting out as a Strength Coach and later as a Personal Trainer, Andrew has experienced varieties of clientele and spent 5 years in the fitness industry. Andrew received his Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from North Central College. He then obtained his certification as a Functional Movement Screen Specialist, and obtained his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Andrew’s philosophy is “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you! The new you is just outside your comfort zone!”

Ashley Barry CSCS

Fitness Coach

Starting in high school Ashley fell prey to the diet culture that exists in our society. She spent many years “yo-yo” dieting and believing that her worthiness was based on her size and appearance. However, once she began educating herself on health, wellness, and happiness she realized that her mindset had to change. She hopes to educate other people so that they too can pursue a road to a happier and healthier life, whatever that may look like to them.

Ashley’s love of training stemmed from an active lifestyle that involved multiple sports, outdoor activities, and an early introduction to the weight room. Having played varsity softball and tennis in high school, she continued on to play softball at North Central College. This is where she found the field of strength and conditioning and realized she could make an impact coaching.

While at NCC Ashley earned her B.S. in Exercise Science and a minor in wellness.  She also completed an internship at Acceleration in Naperville became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She then expanded her knowledge of health and wellness by becoming a certified massage therapist through the Massage Therapy program at Moraine Valley.

Ashley works with athletes of all different backgrounds including softball, golf, volleyball, lacrosse, and general population. She has been an Assistant Varsity softball coach at Marist high school for 7 years, where the program has gone to state 3 times and won 2 state titles.

She is constantly growing and expanding her understanding of psychology, exercise, nutrition, and recovery methods in order to set each person up to succeed at reaching their goals. She prides herself in her ability to communicate and coach people. Ashley’s experience and educational background help her to develop and implement programs that improve the overall health and strength of each person.

Kirk Eichenberg

Fitness Coach

An intense, passionate person who cares about your success in and out of the gym, Coach Kirk Eichenberg is a military veteran who grew up in Oregon, Ohio.  After High School Kirk went on to serve in the Marine Corps Infantry where he deployed to Afghanistan twice, and during his time in the Marines he was selected to become the Physical Fitness Coordinator for the platoon.  During this tenure he was responsible for developing the training programs which would ensure the Marines were physically fit to handle the mental and physical stressors of deploying overseas to Afghansitan. After serving in the Marines, Kirk went on to do a summer internship with one of the leading experts in strength training, Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell.  In addition to having a Bachelors Degree in Molecular Cellular Biology, Kirk is also a competitive power lifter and is excited to bring his expertise to the team at Functional Effect.

Jodie Needham

Fitness Coach

Jodie joined the FE team after being a client and making a decision to change her life.  Having struggled with her weight for years, she joined Functional Effect and Weight Watchers, determined to make a change before her 50th birthday.  After losing 75 lbs she gained a new perspective on fitness and nutrition, and decided to change her career to help others with similar struggles.

She earned her BA from Illinois State University in Psychology and MA from Lewis University in Leadership. Being an administrator of a law school for 30 years she personally understands the detriments of a sedentary lifestyle.  After leaving her job at the law school, she went back to school and earned her Group Fitness Certification through NASM.  She now instructs our group fitness classes 3 days a week and also leads several local Weight Watcher meetings.  Her energetic personality, coupled with her passion to effect change, make her an excellent addition to our team.

Jodie spends most of her free-time either rescuing dogs or playing with her three fury children; Garth, Spike and Sam.  She comes from a large Italian family, and married her husband Joe, who comes from a large Irish family.  She now feels blessed to call Functional Effect members and staff her extended family!

Ann-Marie Kouba

Fitness Coach

I have always enjoyed being fit and active, especially having four children; and now that I have twin granddaughters. I never wanted my age to define my abilities, and that is why I trained for a Tough Mudder race. This is when I got the bug for training. It was amazing what my body could do with the right coach in my corner.  I decided after my third race to become a personal trainer. It was scary and totally out of my comfort zone since I hadn’t studied for anything in decades and starting a new career at my age. I took the plunge and became certified from NSCA. I enjoy helping people and this new career gives me the opportunity to help others in another way; becoming better, healthier versions of themselves.  I hope I can inspire people to get fit at any age. Movement truly is medicine.