Two years ago,  I decided that I desperately wanted to age better than most people I see. I wanted to be able to put on and tie my own shoes, to reach overhead, to stand up tall, etc.  I had recovered from a frozen shoulder the previous year and that required a lot of physical therapy.  My therapist, a very bright and caring woman told me I was not moving well in so many ways.  She was willing to work with me, but the cost of that was prohibitive.

Months before I had seen Sarah at my gym. I was always very impressed with her, so when she told me she had her own gym and was married to a chiropractor who also worked at the gym, I was intrigued!  I kept her card, but did not act on it for several months. Life happened and I stopped working out.

One day I was talking to one of my patients and decided to take my own advice and get active again.    I could get back to my usual gym, but was not impressed with the trainers I saw there. So, I called Sarah and set up my appointment.

I will tell you it has not been an easy journey.  I realized that despite being very active my body was not moving well.  Patterns had been established over time that were now causing me discomfort and even pain.  I could not get up off of the floor without using my arms.  My squats were atrotious! My core was weak!  More than once I was brought to tears as to how hard my brain had to work to understand how to move better!  Without the encouragement of Tyler, Sarah, Andrew, Dave and the rest of the staff, not to mention the other awesome clients, I think I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago.

So it has been a little over two years, I have gained muscle, improved strength, toned quite a bit, lost some weight  and best of all MOVE BETTER! I quite honestly do not SEE  the changes, but am often told that I look younger than ever 🙂  I do FEEL the change!

It is very difficult to get bored at Functional Effects- my program changes just when I have mastered it, there are regular challenges and the place is just fun! I can interact with others, or zone in my own little world.  FE helps me to take care of all of me, including managing stress, learning how to be more mindful, and give myself a break!

FE has made a difference in my life!  Thank you FE!