McKenzie therapy is a mechanical diagnosis and therapy founded by Robin Mckenzie that helps determine a movement of preference to relieve symptoms and restore function.

Mckenzie therapy is focused on patient education and patient independence so patient’s have the power to manage their conditions on their own without repeated therapy visits and costs.

Pain can have an overwhelming control on our lives and for long term pain control it is essential that patients develop the independence to control their pain and their symptoms on their own.  It is not always feasible, realistic, or even a healthy thing to be completely dependant on a chiropractor, medical doctor, physical therapist, etc for treatment of one’s pain.  Repeated ritual trips to the doctor, chiropractor, etc not only take our money but also take away our independence .  With repeated trips to the doctor weekly for months to year’s patient’s begin to fall into the chronic pain category where the patient believes they need to repeated trips to their chiropractor, etc one to three time a week to even get through their day.

Dr. Reynolds  realize that theses never ending repeated trips to the doctor is common in health care and even more common in chiropractic care and we want to be part of the solution rather than contributing to the problem.  Our mission towards patient health and patient independence starts with our philosophy learned through Mckenzie institute. Mckenzie classification teaches us as clinicians how to best educate, best treat, and best empower the patient to manage their conditions on their own.

With Mckenzie therapy we tend to recommend 4-8 visits pending each individual condition and at the end of the treatment our goal for you in addition to decreased pain is to have acquired the knowledge and exercises to help manage your condition on your own.

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