It is important to know where you are starting from if you want to make changes to your health and achieve your goals. Check the column that most closely matches your usual eating habits and total the boxes to get your score.

Here is what your score means:

37-48 points = CONGRATULATIONS! You seem to have some pretty good habits, and you possibly just need some fine-tuning in order to get to your goals. Keep up the good work!

25-36 points = You are doing well, but there is room for improvement. Go back over the answers to your quiz and see which of the 0 or 1 answers you are willing to work on changing and start thinking about what you could be doing differently to achieve 2’s and 3’s in those areas.

13-24 points = You have some good habits, but likely not enough to make forward progress toward your goals. Review your 0 and 1 answers and make a decision which ONE thing you feel most confident about tackling today, and go after it!

0-12 points = It’s time to take a long, hard look at your habits. The way you are living your life could jeopardize your health if something doesn’t change. It’s time for a habit overhaul, but don’t try to change everything at once. Follow the instructions above, going over your 0’s and 1’s, making a decision of ONE thing you can start working on today and get an accountability partner to help you stay on track!


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