The team here at Functional Effect has created the ultimate program for getting your body back into action in just 8 weeks.

This new integrative program is for the individual that:

  • Struggles with pain on a regular basis
  • Desires to be able to keep up with their kids or grand kids
  • Wants to workout without fear of getting hurt
  • Wishes to get out of bed (or the car!) without wincing.
  • Feels that they have exhausted ALL other options.

Does this resonate with you or sound like someone you are close to?

If so, this 8 week program may be EXACTLY the answer to getting you back on track to achieving what you want out of life.

Are you ready to be pain-free? Here’s the details….

​Get BACK Into Action: 8 Weeks to a Pain Free Life​

What’s Included in the Program:

  • 8 Rehabilitation Treatments ($605.00)
  • 2 Personal Training Sessions ($198.00)
  • 14 Semi-Private Training Sessions ($483.00)
  • 1 Hour Nutrition Consult with Coach Sarah ($299.00)
  • Online Access to our AKOS Foundations of Wellness 6 Week Guide ($179.00)
  • 8 Week Custom-Designed Home Workout Plan ($99.00)

Individualized Total Value: $1,863.00

Package Cost: $999.00 

Check out a JUST A FEW of our client testimonials, and read some of the AMAZING transformations they have experienced:

“I got the confidence back to be able to live my life without fear of hurting myself. I can pick up both my boys at any given time and play with them the way I want to. I don’t have to worry that carrying groceries or vacuuming is going to put me down in anguish.​” -Misia B.

“I’m improving balance, strengthening muscle groups that had been either ignored or were being compensated for. Not to mention my core strength – who knew what muscles were waiting to be activated?? I feel like I’ve found a fitness program and fitness family that supports my (and everybody’s) future.​” -Carol H.

“I feel more confident and I have a more positive general outlook on life that I didn’t have previously. I’m a work in-progress, but in the last 2 years I’ve been more committed and consistent to a healthy routine than I ever have in my whole life.” -Reese B.

“I feel FE is a life saver! Through all the attention paid by FE trainers, I learned how to improve my specific needs and gain strength, flexibility and confidence.​” – Marge M.

We realize getting these kind of results may seem out of reach right now, but if you are ready to take your health to the next level and are tired of letting your excuses get in the way, we are ready for you!